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How to Make Money with the Amazon Bounty Program

Mashum Mollah 3 November, 2020
Amazon Bounty Program

We have so many people from all over the world who are earning money by working online. It is not a hard thing to join them as long as you have the determination. One of the things that will help you to achieve your objectives is the Amazon bounty program.

To start earning big on Amazon like the other people, the first thing to do is create an account. Once you set up an account, you will be a step ahead in earning money on Amazon.

I will take you through the steps of registering for the Amazon affiliate program bounty. You will discover that it is not a hard thing as long as you have determination and patience.


What is the Amazon Bounty Program?

The best starting point is to define the meaning of the word bounty. A bounty is basically a fixed amount of money that a person earns. You normally earn this money when you bring a business to an organization, company, or website. 

We have many websites that offer these services like Mozilla, Pentagon, Uber, Tor Project, Intel, WordPress, Netflix, and Microsoft. Most of these sites operate on a bug bounty program. However, Amazon offers the best bounty programs in the market. Therefore, it is a good place to start if you want to earn from this program. 

The amazon bug bounty program is when the person receives a reward when he brings business to the website of Amazon. It is a strongly recommended way of earning money online as long as you have the right effort and focus.

How to Apply for Amazon Bounty Program 

Amazon Create Account

To start earning big in Amazon, you have to create an affiliate or business account. There are some steps that you need to follow before you can earn any money. The first thing is to make sure that you successfully set up your account.

Once you successfully create your affiliate or business account, you will automatically qualify for the Amazon bounty programs. Every bounty program on Amazon has a unique link, and hence you should choose the link that you want to create wisely.

The Active Bounty Programs on Amazon 

The next section will be looking at a list of bounty programs that are available on Amazon now. However, some of these programs will be ending very soon. Therefore, you should put a lot of effort and focus if you want to start earning big on these programs. 

1. Create Amazon Business Account 

Amazon Business Account Create

Successfully registering on the Amazon Business account can earn you 15 dollars. This bounty is still ongoing after its launch in August 2018. It is the Amazon that people love for work.

Make workplace procurement simpler with a dynamic environment with quantity and quality discounts at a business only, several payment options, streamlined buying workflows, and easy delivery options. 

Any individual who makes work-related transactions like IT departments, office management, and recruitment experts can create a free business account. You cannot create an Amazon business account successfully unless you own a verified business.  

2. Prime Discounted Monthly Offering

Get 3 dollars on all the prime free trial signups you drive on the company’s Prime Discounted Monthly Offer Page. It is a bounty that was launched in July 2017 and will end in December 2020.

Prime is only 5.99 dollars for clients in select U.S. government assistance programs like those who hold the EBT card. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of Prime at close to 50% of the normal monthly price. 

3. Amazon Home Services 

Amazon Home Services

Get 3 dollars for each customer that orders from Amazon Home Services. The bounty was launched in November 2016, and it will end in December 2020. It allows individuals to earn a fixed advertising fee or bounty when their visitors place their first order on the marketplace of Amazon for the home services.

The Amazon Home Services offer a thousand of various quality services to its clients, hand-picked experts, and backed by the Satisfaction Guarantee of Amazon.

The top services for customers to buy include; house painting, handyman, plumbing and electrical, equipment and furniture assembly, start home device installation, TV wall mounting, and house cleaning. 

4. Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

Amazon Kindle

Get a bonus for each purchase of the prepaid membership package that you drive. It is a bounty that began in January 2016 and will come to an end in December 2020.

Kindle the unlimited membership alternatives for six, twelve, and twenty-four months. You will earn a bounty for the purchase of each prepaid membership package that you drive.

Several benefits come with this Kindle Unlimited Membership Plan. These include giftable membership plans, read on any device, unlimited listening to countless audiobooks, and unlimited reading of more than one million ebooks. It is a great alternative to the Amazon associated bounties.

5. Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial 

Amazon Prime Free

Individuals can earn 3 dollars on Amazon for the 30-day free trials. The Amazon bounty program was launched in March 2015, and it is still going on. You will be able to earn a fixed promotional fee whenever a guest signs up for the 30-day Free Trials on Amazon Prime. Special benefits come with this Amazon membership program.

You will be able to watch thousands of TV episodes and movies. You will also get unlimited FREE 2-day shipping with no minimum order size and also borrow kindle books. Therefore, trying out the Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial is a brilliant idea.

6. Give the Gift of Amazon Prime 

In this case, you will get a bounty for the purchase of each Amazon Prime Gift Membership that you make. Earn a bounty or fixed promotional fee for every 12 months or 3 months Gift of the Prime Membership plan that you drive.

The start date of this bounty was September 2014, and it is still going on. It works well as a last-minute present and for those who have all of it. 

Prime has so many benefits to the individuals. The first one is unlimited and ad-free access to hundreds of playlists and over one million songs. You will also get instant streaming of thousands of TV shows and movies.

Besides, there is no minimum order size, and you will get free 2-Day Shipping on a countless number of items. 

7. Create an Amazon Wedding Registry 

Amazon Prime Free

This Amazon Bounty Program applies when the visitors from your website create a registry Amazon. It is a bounty that has been around since June 2015, and it is still going on.

Pay a fixed ad fee on every development of the Wedding Registry that you drive to These are important benefits, especially to the grooms and brides.

It is a bounty program that most people are making good use of. You get up to 20 percent completion gift off on most products on Amazon. You get access to the largest selection in the whole world plus world-class customer service and reliable, fast shipping from Amazon. 

It is universal, and you can use the universal button to add products from other websites. The last one is fast and free shipping on fast orders or those that are over 25 dollars. With prime, you will get free delivery on millions of orders on Amazon. 

8. Twitch Prime

Prime membership also gives players some unique benefits, creative arts, and video game culture on Twitch, the leading streaming video community and platform. Bounty started way back in July 2017, and it will be coming to an end in December 2020.

You will get a 3-dollar bounty on the Twitch Prime landing page for every free trial sign up on Prime. It is an Amazon bounty program that you really need to try now.

9. Audible Gift Membership

Amazon Audible

You can make 10 dollars Amazon bounty when you qualify 12-months Audible Gift membership and 8 dollars bounty when you qualify for a 6- or 3-months Audible Gift membership.

It is a bounty that has been around since January 2019 and will end in December 2020. You will earn a bounty for each eligible purchase that you take to this Audible Gift Card that comes in card options of 1, 3, 6, and even 12 months.

10. Join Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial 

You will earn a fixed promotion fee of 3 dollars for those users who sign up for the 30-day Free Trials in the Amazon Family. The Amazon bounty started in February 2016, and it is still going on. This membership program offers several benefits to the users.

It allows you to save 20 percent on diaper subscriptions. You will get exclusive deals and coupons from the Amazon family. The package has unlimited and ad-free streaming of more than one million songs.

There is also instant streaming of thousands of TV shows and movies. The other thing you will get is free 2-day shipping on countless items. Lastly, there are exclusive baby registry benefits, among other prime benefits.

11. Join Amazon Prime Music

This is the only music streaming service that offers free 2-day shipping and a 30-day free trial. These are enough reasons to motivate you to try this Amazon bounty program.

You will earn a fixed advertisement fee of 3 dollars here for the visitors you bring to sign up for the Amazon Prime Music 30-day Free Trials. The membership offers special advantages like the ones that are listed below.

You will get ad-free and unlimited streaming for more than one million songs. There is also the instant streaming of thousands of TV shows and movies. It also has free 2-day shipping with no minimum order size. Individuals can also borrow kindle books under this Amazon bounty program in 2021. 

12. Join Amazon Prime

In this program, you will be able to watch thousands of TV shows and movies anytime, and you can start your free trial with immediate effect. Individuals earn a fixed advertisement fee of 3 dollars for the visitors that sign up on the Amazon Prime Music 30-day free trials.

It is an Amazon bounty program that has been around since August 2014, and it is still going on. The membership program offers special benefits for only 99 dollars per year.

It gives you unlimited instant streaming for thousands of TV shows and movies. It comes with free 2-day shipping on countless items. The last one is ad-free, unlimited streaming for more than one million songs, among other prime advantages. 

13. Prime Student 6-Months Trial 

Amazon Prime Student

Earn a fixed advertisement fee of 3 dollars for each qualifying six-month trial signup that you drive to Prime Student. The bounty began in June 2014 and is still ongoing. This membership program has special benefits for students.

It comes with free 2-day shipping without a minimum order size. The program also has exclusive promotions and deals for college students. 

14. Shop Amazon – Create Amazon Baby Registry 

Amazon Baby Registry

Here, you earn a fixed advertisement fee of 3 dollars for those visitors to who you get to create a Baby Registry on The bounty began in June 2014 and still goes on up to date.

This program’s special advantages include adding from any website, extended return period, discounts, and getting everything you need. 


The Amazon bounty program gives individuals a great opportunity, especially if you want to make some money online. Still, wondering how much do you earn with the amazon bounty program? It all depends on the effort that you put in.

You need to select two or three of the Amazon bounty programs and then put a lot of attention to them. If you advertise these bounties aggressively, you will increase your chances of earning big online.

Amazon remains to be top among all the other platforms that offer bounty programs. You need to take advantage of it and start earning money online now.

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Thanks for sharing the valuable content,

I have one doubt regarding this article

Can I promote Amazon Bounty program without any sell then Amazon pay my Bounty commission because in Amazon it’s mandatory to get first three sale that’s why am asking

I hope you will reply,


Mashum Mollah
Mashum Mollah
2 years ago
Reply to  Rishi

Hello Rishi. First of all, I thank you for connecting with my blog and sharing your thoughts. It is highly appreciable. Second, regarding the question you have asked, the answer is, you cannot earn any commission without any sale, whether it’s an Amazon product or services. Amazon will only pay you a commission when you give them earnings. But there is an advantage if you can sell at least three products first. Which is – you will get an API from Amazon which will make you a verified Amazon affiliate account holder. I hope you now have your answer. If… Read more »

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