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Masha And The Bear: Russian Youtube Channel Racks Up 1m Year Worth Watch Time

Mashum Mollah 5 October, 2023
Masha And The Bear

Masha and The Bear is a YouTube channel. It is a Russian preschool comedy series based on 3D animation. The creator of the series is Oleg Kuzovkov, who produces it in association with Animaccord Animation Studio.

The series is based on the adventure of a little girl called Masha. It mainly revolves around the folk story of Masha and her caring little friend, bear. Most importantly, the series has gathered billions of views on YouTube and millions of people subscribing to the channel.

Pre-schoolers around the world are fond of this series of funny videos. They have 43M+ subscribers and billions of views on their 1.2k+ videos. Here is a story of their success and how this popular channel won the hearts of millions.

About Masha And The Bear?

About Masha And The Bear

This is a Russian children’s story created by Oleg Kuzovkov. Oleg Kuzovkov works with the AnimacCord Animation Studios to create YouTube videos on Masha and the Bear.

The series has two main characters called Masha and Kuma. Kuma (Mishka) is Masha’s friend, and she is protected by Kuma. Kuma always protects Masha from disaster. It is one of the most-watched toddler series, with 36 times more requests compared to the average.

This series is also the fifth most-watched coming-of-age series, with many successful videos on YouTube. In particular, the Russian version of “Малюс кала” is most famous. This video has more than 4 billion views.

Masha And The Bear Plot?

Masha And The Bear Plot

The Plot of Masha and the Bear is somewhat unique. It is something for any toddler or little child to enjoy. The plot of the series is something like this –

Masha, a little girl aged four years, is in the woods with her goat, pig, and dog. Initially, she wants to befriend everyone in the forest and wants all of them to play with her. But she almost forces everyone to play with her, which makes them afraid of her.

Then Masha comes across a butterfly who she inadvertently follows into the bear’s house. She wreaks havoc as she was trying to play inside the house. When the bear comes back to his home to find out that it is devastated, he tries to seek revenge on Masha and wants to get rid of her.

Although the bear tried too many times, most of his attempts were in vain, and he failed. The plot takes an unpredictable turn, and both of them end up becoming friends.

The rest of the adventures find both characters through different adventures and journeys that entertain children and toddlers. Aside from Masha and the bear, there are other characters like a penguin, Masha’s cousin. There is also a panda cub, two wolves, a tiger, and a few supporting characters.

Production History

Production History

Masha and the Bear did not succeed overnight. The series has been around for quite long. Animaccord Animation Studio domestically handled the series production since 2008. The creator of the series, Oleg Kuzovkov, creates the story himself and works on the plot.

They handle the storyboarding for the episodes according to the script, and each of the episodes has 2,000 slides on average.

Once they have the plot, they start working on the 2D animation. This stage involves them working on the different aspects of the animation, like its duration and how characters interact or are placed.

But, before they complete the 3D animation, they complete the dubbing script. The animators have to work with the interactions and the dialogues of the characters in mind. Following that step, they dub the video.

Actors Behind The Scene

A huge credit goes to the actors who are working behind the scenes to voice Masha and the Bear. The original voice actor for Masha is Alina Kukushkina, a six-year-old Russian child. However, later, during the third season, Animaccord studio confirmed that they had a new voice for Masha, and the name was Barbara Sarantseva in 2015. Before Barbara, Alina voiced the character for seven years straight.

Yulia Zunikova replaced Masha in 2020. Boris Kutnevich, the sound designer of the show, provides the voice of the bear. On the other hand, Mark Kutnevich works on the voice of the Hare.

Masha And The Bear: YouTube Success

Masha And The Bear YouTube Success

Masha and the Bear have been successful in developing children’s cartoons that any child from any part of the world loves. Recently, they have gathered 100 billion views on the platform. They have also disrupted the YouTube industry through its 1 million years+ watchtime on the platform.

The most successful channels of this series include several languages, such as Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Ukrainian. Thanks to their very early start on YouTube, they have amassed 43.3M subscribers.

It is almost as if Masha and The Bear and YouTube were rising to success simultaneously. Animaccord has been one of the building blocks of the early days of YouTube content. The series is proud to hold the record for the most-watched cartoon on YouTube. You will be surprised to know that the channel generates 1000 views every second, every day. Currently, they have more than 4.4 billion views and counting.

Commenting On The Success Of The Channel, The YouTube Country Lead, Anna Danishevskaya, Says –

“We are very pleased to see how YouTube is helping creative economies grow. Masha and the Bear made a long way from being a national hit to becoming a global phenomenon in the world of digital family content. This is a great example of a project that brings real value to creators and viewers; through our platform, Animaccord was able to significantly popularise the Russian animation industry and bring together children and parents from all over the world.”

Bottom Line

Masha and the bear have established authority. They have seen a high level of demand consistently in 2021. It rightfully deserves and takes a place among the most popular content creators on the platform. Was this article helpful? Let us know your feedback on the same. Go through the comment section to place your queries as well.

Thank you for reading.

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