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Vlad And Niki: Age, Bio, Net Worth & YouTube Journey

Mashum Mollah 7 September, 2023
Vlad And Niki
NamesVladislav Vashketov and Nikita Vashketov 
Date of BirthVlad- 26 February 2013 Niki- 4 June 2015
Based InMiami, Florida, United States
ParentsSergey Vashketov, Victoria Vashketov
Famous forYouTube content creation
Net Worth$130 million

Seeing what parents with a couple of their children can do on YouTube is fantastic. The YouTube channel of Vlad and Niki is an example of such unique content creation.

Vlad and Niki are two child brothers, and they have a YouTube channel with 72.3 million subscribers who regularly watch their content. The full names of two of these brothers are Vladislav Vashketov & Nikita Vashketov, who are from a Russian-American family.

These kids are seen playing with different types of toys in their videos, with frequent appearances from their parents on the channel. These little brothers are only 9 and 7 years old, and it is fantastic to see what their content has brought to the YouTube community. Go through this article to learn more about this YouTube channel and the characters we are talking about.

Who Are Vlad And Niki?

Who Are Vlad And Niki

Vlad and Nikita are two siblings and the children of a Russian-American couple named Sergey and Victoria. The siblings have 21 channels in 21 different languages. Yes, the parents do run the channel, but the main stars of the show are Vlad and Nikita.

They are the famous young schoolboys turned into YouTube stars and are aged 9 and 7 years, respectively. Their parents started the YouTube channel back in 2018, and they have been making content ever since.

Both young YouTube stars have been becoming more skilful every day. The elder brother, Vlad, has become quite the expert at kickboxing and soccer. He is an entirely natural performer and feels quite comfortable dancing to his favourite bands’ (Maroon V and Imagine Dragon) songs. More so, he is fluent in both Russian and English.

The Young brother, Niki, is no less than the older one. He also sings, travels, draws, and spends most of the time of his day doing creative things.

Since their channel started in 2018, they have become favourites to many regular YouTube watchers. In fact, in 2018, they had more than 100 million subscribers. They have an estimated net worth of $88 million. Currently, they are one of the biggest YouTubers in the US.

Vlad & Niki Trivia

  • Vlad and Niki, the US-based YouTube channel, has 55k followers on Facebook.
  • The two brothers shown in their content are Russian Americans.
  • The track started back in 2018 and has been famous ever since.

Early Life & Education

Vlad & Niki Early Life & Education

The elder brother, Vladislav Vashketov, was born on February 26, 2013, while Nikita Vashketov, the younger brother, was born on June 4, 2015. Most of the videos on the channel feature Vlad and Niki. Sometimes, they also feature their mother, Victoria, and their youngest brother, Christian Sergey Vashketov.

The older brother Vlad is 3.7 feet tall while the younger sibling Niki is 3.4 feet tall. Although they are doing YouTube videos most of the time, Niki and Vlad are also school students. They currently attend primary school.

The Russian American Parents are currently based in Florida, Miami. Some of their videos feature the boys sharing stories, doing pretend play, and doing vlogs in different foreign countries. As they started to get more famous, Vlad and Niki also created videos on Nursery rhymes, boosting their viewership in the process.

Youtube Journey

Vlad And Niki Youtube Journey

The YouTube channel of Vlad and Niki started back in 2018. The channel back then was named ‘Vladik Toys.’ Vlad was doing toy unboxing videos initially with his mother, Victoria.

Most of their early videos were based on Peppa Big Toys. The content then started to focus on the brothers playing with the different toys they unboxed. Vlad & Nikita used to tell stories to their followers while travelling through different countries.

A fantastic aspect of this YouTube channel is that there is no niche as such. The duo is always seen playing with different types of toys in the YouTube video. Instead of creating content on a specific niche, Vlad and Niki are famous just for the fun activities they do in their daily lives.

Viewers often see them playing with different coloured blocks, toys, and more. These videos helped them rack up many followers and views on YouTube. Their efforts showed when Vlad and Niki signed a contract with Haven Global, an Australia-based licensing agency.

The YouTube channel of Vlad and Niki also signed a contract with a Hong Kong-based toy company Playmates Toys.

Their content is very child-friendly and usually has happy and fun incidents and small fights that engage millions of children in their videos. The main channel of Vlad and Niki has uploaded 380 videos so far. All the videos have billions of views in total.

Net Worth

Vlad and Niki have wide earning opportunities, including their YouTube channel and different contracts. Their deal with Haven Global itself is a massive one. Haven Global builds apps for the iOS App Store. They already have hundreds of millions of followers on YouTube.

But their contract with Haven Global, Krispy Kreme, Legendary Whitetails, and M&M’s Mars. Their main income source is still through brand sponsorship and their YouTube viewership. According to the data, they have a net worth of $88 million. Their net worth has grown by $43 million thanks to their incomes from different brand promotions and YouTube.

Bottom Line

Vlad and Niki are successful YouTubers thanks to their parents, who handle their profiles and create content. In an interview with the People,

Their Mother Victoria Has Revealed–

“We are lucky that the Vlad & Niki content that connects with their audience is when they are participating in creative play and going on adventures, so we get to make our work time’ fun time,'”

Victoria has also talked about how having a support system that helps them make a difference is too important. They are also very fortunate to have a team of creators who help them shoot videos with the kids, edit, build the props and the sets for the content, and publish them on time.

It is no wonder that they have been able to build a business model that has lasted and growing ever since the channel was created.

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