Vineeta Singh Shark Tank: DOB, Age, Business, Net Worth & Biography

Mashum Mollah 13 June, 2023
Vineeta Singh
NameVineeta Singh
Age40 years
Net WorthRs. 75 crores
BusinessSugar Cosmetic
Vineeta Singh's Quote 1

Veneeta Singh is another entrepreneur functioning as the judge of the Shark Tank of Sony TV. Veneeta is an exceptional female entrepreneur who has created Sugar Cosmetics, thereby revolutionizing the cosmetic industry in India.

She is also a Delhi-born like Amit Jain or Aman Gupta. She not only created a cosmetic brand. But also, she has been setting the standards for Indian cosmetic brands to boost conscience, empower people, and feel them up with confidence.

Her appearance on the Shark Tank Show made her a popular face in the country through the popular TV channel Sony. She represents herself as an independent woman and an entrepreneur, empowering and influencing many women in the country. Go through this article to learn about her complete biography.

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Who Is Vineeta Singh?

Who Is Vineeta Singh?

There is a story of the struggle behind every successful entrepreneur, and Vineeta Singh is no exception. Their approach to life and the quest for meaning often result in a global wonder we cannot stop appreciating. Sugar cosmetics founder Vineeta Singh is such a personality.

Vineeta Singh is the founder and creator of the brand called Sugar Cosmetics. She is also one of the judges of the Sony TV show Shark Tank. She functions as a judge alongside Anupam Mittal, Peyush Bansal, and Ghjazal Alagh.

Vineeta Singh has also invested in different startups through the TV Show and holds more than Rs.75 crores in net worth.

Early Life & Education

Vineeta Singh was born in a middle-class Hindu family in Delhi. She was born in 1983. Her father was a professor at IIT Madra, and her mother was a Ph.D.So, assumably, Vineeta belonged to an educated and stable family. Most of her academic background revolves around Delhi.

Vineeta Completed her school at the Delhi Public School and from Ram Krishna Purana between 1987 to 2001. After completing high school, she thought of pursuing engineering and completed her B.Tech from the Indian Institution of Technology Madras between 2001-2005.

After college Vineeta also did a summer internship at ITC Limited, Kolkata. Veneeta had a passion for being a businesswoman from a very early age. When she was just 17, she observed her goals during a conversation with her teacher. It is probably for that reason, Vineeta Completed her MBA from IIM Ahmedabad.

Vineeta also did three months of internship at Deutsche Bank, both in New York and London. This illustrated academic background was a huge push for her to start her own cosmetic brand.

Entrepreneurial Achievement

While Vineeta was crossing one milestone after another in terms of her academic life, she got countless job offers. However, she surprised her friends and family by turning them down one by one.

This was when she took her first step in the independence struggle. Vineeta stepped out of her home and moved to Mumbai to start Sugar Cosmetics at the age of 23. She was inexperienced and by herself in a small apartment that she compared to a matchbox. It was small, and she barely had space for a good life there. During rainfall, the apartment used to flood.

Sugar Cosmetic

Vineeta Singh's Sugar Cosmetic

She was trying, and the little savings and earnings she had were on the brink of end. Failure was catching up and engulfing her so badly that she even regretted turning down all those job offers during the last five years.

It took her years, but Vineeta finally found her way to success. This was when she started a beauty subscription firm named Fab Bag. She was working day and night, and one day, she realized that Indian women lack good quality make-up. Influenced by this realization, Vineeta Singh co-founded the cosmetic brand Sugar Cosmetic with her husband, Kaushik Mukherjee, in 2012.

Vineeta Singh's Quote 2

Vineeta and her brand tailored makeup products specifically for Indian audiences. It was her own personal investment and some external support that helped her start the brand.

This only was the tip of the iceberg she was going to discover. Her products soon started to create buzz among the Indian audience. The brand saw lots of success, and currently, they have 1500 staff, and 75% of them are all women. According to the data revealed in the financial year between 2019-2020, the company generated Rs. 104 crores in revenue.

Vineeta Singh’s Net Worth

Currently, Vineeta Singh has a net worth of Rs. 75 Crores or $9 million. Her huge wealth got her listed among the highly esteemed businesswomen in India. She has proven herself in the new age of entrepreneurs that are shaping the economy of current India. Most of her wealth comes from her stakes in Sugar Cosmetics and the different startups she invested in.

Vineeta Singh also owns a Mercedes Benz 350-D that costs around Rs. 80 lakhs and a Skoda Octavia worth Rs. 28 lakhs.

Vineeta Singh’s Personal Life

Vineeta Singh met her husband, Kaushik Mukherjee when she was pursuing MBA at IIM. The couple got married in 2011. Kaushik serves as the CEO of Sugar Cosmetics now.

This fact might surprise many readers. But Vineeta had a mindset of a businesswoman from her childhood. As a child, she made a magazine together with her friend and sold the magazine from one door to another for Rs. 3.

Bottom Line

Vineeta is also one of the Sharks who judges the different startup owners who audition at the Sony TV show. She has functioned as the judge and the investor of the Shark Tank show since the show was on air in 2021. Vineeta’s contribution to the Cosmetic industry in India made many young women follow their dreams and do something inspiring. Thanks to the show she is in now, Vineeta is one of the famous business personalities in India.

I hope you have found the information you were looking for on Vineeta Singh. However, please, share your thoughts and your feedback on the articles we regularly put out. Thank you.

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