I quit my job within 1.5 years without any backup plan | Should you?

Mashum Mollah 29 June, 2022

I quit my job within 1.5 years without any backup plan | Should you? The course of true love never did run smooth. And becoming an entrepreneur was my first love. The road most definitely wasn’t a smooth one, especially for a young entrepreneur hailing from the rural heathlands of Bengal. My story is not just a motivational tale of success, but it is one of growth. A day in the life of an entrepreneur has a lot to do with inspiring others who can one day live the same entrepreneur life. And that’s precisely what I strive to do through my videos on Youtube! Today, I am back to share with you my tale of entrepreneurship. My only hope? It might just prove to be inspirational for someone looking up how to become a successful entrepreneur in 2022! Stay tuned and find out how having an entrepreneur mindset can go a long way in not just acting as mere motivation but rather as a catalyst! I’ll be back next week with more stories dealing with themes like how to become an entrepreneur! Till then, keep learning and keep growing. Today I am back with another video – here to tell you all about my first job and the life-changing decision to quit!

Mashum Mollah

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