How to Make Money with the Quora Partner Program

Mashum Mollah 4 November, 2020
Quora Partner Program


What is Quora?

You could have stumbled upon Quora while searching for particular questions on Google because it has been around since 2009. One thing you need to learn more about is the Quora partner program. The Quora platform allows people to ask questions and others to answer them.

The good thing about this format is that you will find even the most obscure questions. In most cases, the answers on Quora may appear to be full of spam. The platform utilizes an ‘upvote’ system in ranking answers depending on the number of people who found them to be useful. Quora maintains a team of moderators whose work is to review the quality of the questions and answers. 

The questions on Quora often feature in Google searches. Once you type a question in Google, in most cases, the questions in Quora will top the search results hence driving traffic to the website. Quora revenue comes from the adverts that are on their question and answer pages. Given that this platform has millions of questions in its database, it drives massive questions to the website hence collecting a significant amount in revenue. With millions of users on Quora, the platform generates so much in terms of revenue.

Therefore, you should not be worried when you join the Quora partner program. You can be sure that the company will pay you for your effort. Let us take a step further to get to understand the meaning of this program and how it works.

What is Quora Partner Program 

The term Quora partner program refers to an invite-only system that pays participants real money for asking questions on the platform. There is a potential of earning thousands of dollars every month by just asking questions on Quora. You even don’t have to provide the answers because Quora users will readily provide the answers for all your questions. What Quora does is to pay you for all the questions that you ask. At this point, it should be sounding quite simple. This is a get-rich-quick scheme and the challenge would be how to get an invitation for the same. 

The challenge with the Quora Partner program is that it only works on an invite-only basis. What this implies is that it is Quora that will ask you to participate. The company will only invite past users who have been active on their website. Thus, you should sign up on Quora, ask some questions, and even provide a few answers. 

There are no statistics on what will help you to get an invitation from the company. Asking thousands of questions may get you in but there are times when just 10 questions do. I know of a person who only asked 20 questions and provided 10 answers in his account. You may have to wait for one year before you get an invitation to join the Quora partner program. Therefore, it could also be an issue that is related to time. Therefore, if you were wondering what is Quora partner program, you now have a perfect answer.

Most people wonder why the Quora partner program works on an invite-only basis. The reason could be that the company wants to make the program sustainable. If you allow everyone to signup for the program, the company moderators will have a hard time filtering through volumes of junk questions. As a result, the overall quality of Quora questions will go down.

Once people realize that they are not getting the right answers from the program, they will begin to shift away slowly. In fact, the company has had a few issues with the quality of its answers and they need to cushion themselves against negative publicity. Therefore, I personally don’t find a problem with how this company operates. It is just to cushion its brand and hence get more traffic that translates into revenue. 

With so many participants, the company may also begin to strain financially. That is why it is important to limit the number of people who participate in the Quora partner program. However, as long as you consistently ask high-quality questions and provide some good answers, you will not fail to get an invitation to Quora in the long run. The company may not want to limit resources in terms of paying users.

It can make it to start receiving negative publicity and hence a drop in the revenue. The best way to avoid high competition among those people who ask questions is to limit the number of participants. Besides, it gives those people who are participating in the program a high chance to get more money on the platform. With all this information, you may need more insights on how to earn money on Quora. Even though we have shed some light on that, let us take a closer look at that in the next section.

How to Earn from Quora 

Can we earn money from Quora? This question goes through the mind of so many people who would like to earn a living online. Quora gets so many leads from the free sign-ups because of the opportunity that it gives its members to earn big cash. 

As a user, you just have to ask questions and the company will pay you. It is the first time that someone decides to pay you for just asking questions. Quora will pay you for the questions that you ask on the platforms. The most important thing is to ask for high quality worth and better questions. Therefore, you need to put up some effort and time into the questions that you ask. There is no way you can expect a pay yet you don’t add value to the website. 

The most important thing is to ask useful questions that are interesting. You should also get more people answering the questions that you ask. You will generate more income when you receive more answers to the questions that you ask. That is the main secret of earning big on Quora. In this section, I will give you some tips on how to ask high worth questions and make more money on the Quora partner program. 

Did you know there are people who earn more than 10,000 dollars by simply asking questions on Quora?  If you go to the official page of Quora, the person who gets the highest pay is the one who asks the most questions. According to the site, the top person asked 45 high-quality questions daily for a period of 90 days.

You will discover that your income will keep on increasing day by day. We have a user who earned a whole $20,000 by simply useful questions on Quora. It shows you the amount of money that you can get by asking high quality and interesting questions in Quora. If you are not still sure on how to make money on Quora, here are some of the tips that will help you out; 

The first thing that you need to do is ask relevant questions regularly. It can take you several months before you get an invitation. Therefore, you need to login into your account regularly to show that you are an active user. Providing high-quality answers will show that you really have an interest in Quora. 

The next step is to make sure that you make a legitimate profile. You will need to add a profile picture, name, and bio to your account. Quora wants to make sure that the questions are coming from real people. The platform is not meant for bots or individuals who are looking to spam their website. 

The other secret that most people who want to join the Quora partner program lack is patience. We have people who get into the program within minutes but this is not given. You may have to wait for several months or a year but the sun will finally dawn as long as you remain patient. Therefore, you have to practice a high level of patience if you want to earn money on the platform. 

The next step on how to earn money online in India Quora is to ask interesting questions that are directed towards users. In fact, this is the foundation of success on this platform. When you direct more questions towards the users, you will be able to make more money on Quora. Remember the number of answers that you get will also dictate your income on the platform. This can never be the case unless you are asking interesting questions that are directed towards the Quora users.

Like any other SEO effort, you will need to carry out keyword research. The platform pays a higher CPM for those questions that receive traffic from external sources like the Google search engine or from the direct blog posts. Include relevant keywords in the questions and you will receive more answers/content for the specific questions. 

Affiliate Marketing on Quora

The other secret that most people don’t know is that you need to answer your own questions. You can surely make money by answering your own questions. Therefore, don’t assume that it is not permitted to take this step when working in the Quora partner program. 

You can also write questions on because medium articles rank so well in the search engine. It will help you to get evergreen traffic for your question each passing day. This will help you to generate more income from the Quora partner program. It is one of the tips that those people who subscribe to affiliate marketing on Quora overlook. 

The official team from Quora suggests that to succeed on this platform. You need to ask as many questions as possible. If you ask 1000 questions within one month, you will have made an approximate cumulative amount of $100 from the questions. Therefore, you should strive to ask more relevant questions to generate more traffic and earn a higher income. 

Besides, you should target niches where users have more interest like Startups, The United States, India, Motivation, and Life Lessons. Just look for topics that are trending and ask relevant questions about them. The last thing that you can do is to send answer requests to the most popular writers in the niche. These are industry specialists and that can even provide a four-sentence answer to your question. Such a question will also get more answers because of the high level of exposure. 

How to Join Quora Partner Program 

To join the Quora partner program, go to the homepage of Quora and use your email address, Facebook account, or Google account to sign up. You will be required to choose a minimum of 10 topics that you will follow. So many topics will display and you need to choose according to your interests. However, you can always change this as you continue using Quora. Quora uses the topics that you choose to show you content. When Quora asks you about the topics that you know about, you need to choose relevant ones that have so many followers. It is optional to fill in whether you know another language or not. 

From here, you will not need to fill in your profile. The profile should display you as a credible and trustworthy person. Make sure you provide truthful and accurate information here. The description that you provide about yourself is also crucial because it creates the first impression. Users will see your profile photo before they even read the answers that you provide. If you already have social proof, make sure you include it in the description. Lastly, proofread the description to check out for any clumsy grammar and typos. 

You need to post a high-quality profile photo in Quora that will bring forth a presentable and approachable look. The best idea is to use a professional headshot. It is advisable to use the same photo as the one that you use on your social media accounts and blog. The next thing is to compete with your location, education, and employment credentials. 

From here, you can now connect your social media accounts to Quora. Top on the list is LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. There is a settings option on the menu that will allow you to do this. The last thing to do now is to optimize your privacy settings. You can adjust your privacy settings to maximize your visibility outside and inside Quora. 

You can access your privacy settings through settings and then privacy. When someone searches for your name, Quora should display your profile. Therefore, make sure you check the box that allows the search engine to index your name. Besides, you want people who see your name and answers to be in a position to contact you. Therefore, you should allow all Quora users to send you a message. The same case applies to all those who want to comment on your posts and answers. Therefore, you also need to check this box. 


Does Quora pay? The answer is yes, this platform pays you for asking and answering questions. The most important thing is to be part of the Quora partner program. The only challenge is that this program works on an invite-only basis. Therefore, you have to remain an active user as you wait for the day the company will send you an invitation to participate and earn big.

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