Peyush Bansal Biography: Age, Nationality, Business, Net-Worth

Mashum Mollah 6 June, 2023
Peyush Bansal Biography
NamePeyush Bansal
BornApril 26, 1985
Net WorthRs.600
SpouseNidhi Mittal
ChildrenEvan (Son)
Peyush Bansal's Quote 1

If we are talking about modern-day unicorn startups, we cannot forget Lenskart. Lenskart is a famous nationwide eyewear brand established by Peyush Bansal.

We do not see a company like Lenskart every day. It is astonishing and inspiring knowing how Peyush Bansal made it possible to form this brand.

So, how did one of the ex-Microsoft employees establish, grow and expand such a big startup? Well, that interest will take you on a journey into the life of Peyush Bansal.

Go through this article to learn about Peyush and his incredible journey that made India wear branded eyeglasses.


Who Is Peyush Bansal?

Who Is Peyush Bansal?

Peyush Bansal is one of the entrepreneurs who participated in the Shark Tank India TV show running on Sony TV. He is the founder of the eye-wear brand named Lenskart. He is also the CEO and the People Officer at Lenskart.

Aside from Lenskart, Peyush also runs other businesses, but Lenskart is where he finds his passion for building. The company has opened more than 1000 stores in different locations in India and is valued at INR 37500 crores, as revealed in the Kapil Sharma Show.

Before starting this brand, Peyush was working a stable job at Microsoft. But he found his passion and followed it to achieve the multi-crore rupee business he has erected today. His effort made Lenskart one of the most successful and fastest-growing businesses in India.

Early Life & Education

Peyush Bansal's Early Life & Education

Similar to his fellow Shark Tank judge Aman Gupta, Peyush Bansal is also from Delhi, and he was born on April 26, 1985. Born and raised in a middle-class family in New Delhi, Peyush had a moderate life growing up. He belonged to a middle-class Delhi family and studied at Don Bosco School Delhi.

Peyush is an example of an IIT failure who made something out of his life. He could not get through IIT. But that did not stop Peyush. He then took his shot at studying engineering at a foreign university; after adequate hard work and patience, he finally got himself admitted to McGill University, Canada.

He chose the stream of B.Tech in IT, Control, and Automation. Peyush was in the 2002 to 2006 batch at McGill University. Peyush also completed his MBA from IIM Bangalore. While receiving his college degree, he was working as a part-time receptionist. During this time, Peyush also developed his knack and interest in coding.

Peyush Bansal's Quote 2

Following his bachelor’s degree, Peyush joined Microsoft as Program Manager in Microsoft USA., but that work could not keep him restrained. He only worked there for a year (from January 2007 till December 2007).

Entrepreneurial Achievements

Peyush left his job at Microsoft and moved back to India in 2008. No, he did not have any business idea at the start. But he had a passion for doing something in some industry. He had a little amount saved from his previous job salary.

He used what little capital he had and started solving problems. One of his earliest ventures was SearchMyCampus.in, an online portal that helped solve queries of students, such as – coaching, housing, books, transportation, jobs, etc.

Initially, he was exploring different ideas, and one of them was named Valyoo Technologies Pvt Limited. This joint venture with his friends later was transformed into the Lenskart of today.

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Peyush Bansal Lenskart

Peyush Bansal Lenskart

It only seems plausible to put Peyush’s name before the brand Lenskart because he is the one who founded and expanded it. Lenskart started with news that took Peyush’s attention (much like Elon Musk getting stuck in traffic and getting the idea to start the Boring Company).

According to that news, 40% of the bling people are from India, and only a few people wear eyeglasses. So, he decided to help all the Indians (the ones who needed them) wear eyeglasses at an affordable cost. Later he also expanded this company.

All he had to do was to find his niche in the eye-wear industry and provide a solution that fits the customers’ needs. In 2010, Peyush Bansal co-founded Lenskart with his friends Amit Chaudhary and Sumeet Kapahi. While Peyush is the CEO of the company, Amit is the COO of the company.

Lenskart has reached the peak of success and prosperity, from where it has attracted investors such as Ratan Tata and S Gopalakrishnan (from Infosys).

Peyush Bansal’s Net Worth

Peyush Bansal's Quote 4

His net worth reaches a massive number of Rs.600 crores. If you are concerned about Peyush Bansal’s equity in Lenskart, then you will be shocked to know that he has an 8.21% stake in the company. The IIM graduate also got listed among the Best 40 Under 40 Entrepreneurs in 2019 by Fortune India.

The Shark Tank Judge also invested in companies such as AAS Vidyalaya – Anytime Anywhere School, CARRAGREEN, and Ariro Toys.

Personal Life: Peyush Bansal Family

Peyush Bansal's Personal Life

Not too much information is available about Peyush Bansal’s personal life. His father was a charter accountant. Peyush has a calming and humbling personality that draws people closer to him. He is one of the most loved judges on Shark Tank. Peyush is married to Nidhi Mittal with a baby boy named Evan. Peyush has a small family, which he loves wholeheartedly.

Bottom Line

Dreams can be born at any place and any place. Peyush Bansal is an example of that. He left a well-established job to pursue a dream he was not yet able to see when he arrived in India. But he found the problem and shared a solution that the whole of India enjoys now. His participation in the Sony TV Shark Tank since season 1 has made the show a jolly one to watch.

Hopefully, you have found the necessary information you were looking for on Peyush Bansal. However, if there are any queries, do not hesitate to let us know.

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