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Mashum Mollah 22 December, 2022
Micheal Bloomberg
Name:Michael Rubens Bloomberg
Born:February 14, 1942
Net Worth:$76.8 Billion
Spouse:Susan Elizabeth Barbara Brown.
Children:Georgina Bloomberg, Emma Bloomberg 
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The startup stories that inspire the most revolve around entrepreneurs who start from zero. Micheal Bloomberg is one of those entrepreneurs who started from zero and made it to the top. 

Bloomberg is a businessman, politician, philanthropist, and author. But more than that, he is a self-made billionaire. From working as a parking lot attendant to getting hired on wall street, Bloomberg has leaped high as one of the richest entrepreneurs in the world. 

His startup Bloomberg LP started in a one-room office and made it to the billion-dollar club. But how did the journey begin for Bloomberg? How did he become the richest politician in the world and go on to sign the Giving Pledge?

You have to read this story to find out the answers. Here is a short biographical sketch of Micheal Bloomberg and his achievements as an entrepreneur and inspirational personality. 


Who Is Micheal Bloomberg?

Who Is Micheal Bloomberg?

Micheal Bloomberg is a self-made billionaire, entrepreneur, mayor of New York City, and author. Although his many achievements ascribe different titles to Bloomberg, we want to define him as the person who seeded Bloomberg LP.

Also known as a political pragmatist, Bloomberg has shown his managerial leadership style throughout his tenure as the New York City Mayor. His work in the private sector seems to have developed his leadership style.

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Aside from establishing Bloomberg LP, he also took different innovative approaches to develop the city as its mayor. For example, the public school system in New York City owes huge gratitude who worked to raise their standards. He is also responsible for creating new Jobs in the US and revitalizing old industries.

Following in the footsteps of Mark Zuckerberg or Warren Buffet, Bloomberg has signed the Giving Pledge and has promised to take a $1 salary from his job. However, his commitment to strengthening climate capacity throughout the UN is remarkable. 

Micheal Bloomberg also set a standard for public health by banning smoking from all public places, parks, and beaches – this became a national model the US government later followed.

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Early Life & Education

Early Life & Education

Micheal Bloomberg was born on Valentine’s Day (February 14, 1942) to a Jewish Family. Son to a middle-class family and a father, William Henry Bloomberg, who worked as a bookkeeper in a dairy company. 

The family lived in Allston until Bloomberg was two years old. Later, they settled in the Boston Suburbs. At the age of 12, Bloomberg was an eagle scout. His early education started at Medford High School, a public school. But he was aspiring for higher education, so he earned his education by working as a parking lot attendant. 

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Bloomberg was enrolled at Johns Hopkins University, where he studied electrical engineering and got his bachelor of science degree. While at John Hopkins University, Bloomberg also constructed the Blue Jay costume for the university’s mascot.

Bloomberg completed his graduation in 1964, and later in 1966, he completed his MBA from Harvard Business Administration.  

Entrepreneurial Achievements

After completing his MBA from Harvard Business Administration, Bloomberg was hired by a firm on Wall Street, the firm was named Soloman Brothers, and Bloomberg entered an entry-level position in the firm. It did not take him long to rise through the ranks. 

He started overseeing the sales and equity trading at Soloman Brothers. Later, he scaled up and joined the information system of the firm. After the firm was acquired in 1981, Bloomberg was fired. 

Bloomberg LP

No, he did not look for another job. Instead, Bloomberg let his vision for information technology thrive and founded the company that later became known as Bloomberg LP.

After getting fired, Bloomberg started his business in a one-room office. During his time at Soloman Brothers, Mike Bloomberg had equity in the company; he got $10 million from his equity in Soloman Brothers during his termination. 

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He used his experience and the $10 billion as an asset to fund his small startup of a data service company. He designed a computerized financial system for Soloman Brother; he used this experience to create his own data service company that would instantly offer business information to Wall Street in different usable formats. 

They sold customized computer terminals that provided real-time data on the market, financial calculations, and other valuable analytics. Micheal Bloomberg’s company, primarily named IMS ( Innovative Market System), had the idea of delivering this valuable data to different businesses on Wall Street. 

Later, in 1986, IMS, or innovative marketing system, renamed itself Bloomberg LP. The company that started with a $10 million budget during the 80s earned $10 billion in revenue in 2018. Now they have spread across 73 countries globally with about 370,000 subscribers, accordion to data.

Mayor Of New York

A lifelong democrat Bloomberg joined The Republican Party to run for Mayor in New York City. Although he switched to an independent in 2007, he registered back as a Democrat in 2018. 

Mike Bloomberg became the 108th Mayor of New York City. He became the mayor of the most glorious city in the world in 2002 and remained in the position until 2013. Bloomberg became the mayor of the NY City after the 2001 terrorist attack. At that time and situation, he started an extraordinary journey of building New York in a better way.

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Things that were in his mind were better schools, improved infrastructures, more jobs, a cleaner environment, a safer neighborhood, and multiple opportunities for New Yorkers. Bloomberg is among the fourth longest-serving mayor in the history of New York. 


Michael Bloomberg Charity

Bloomberg has signed the Giving Pledge, similar to other philanthropic entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates. According to the Pledge, they are supposed to give away more than half of their wealth to charity.  

Following the Pledge, which he signed in 2010, Bloomberg has donated $9.5 billion. Chronicle of Philanthropy reveals that Bloomberg was the philanthropist to give away the most amount of wealth in 2019.

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Even during the 2020 Covid-19 outbreak, Micheal Bloomberg contributed remarkably and supported both the WHO and multiple other global organizations. He even co-founded a fund worth $75 million for nonprofits during the pandemic. 

Aside from being a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and the Mayor of New York, Mike Bloomberg is also an environmentalist. He has been working to fight climate change and has been a part of several global campaigns dedicated to the betterment of the environment.  

Personal Life

Micheal Bloomberg Personal Life

Bloomberg is married to Susan Elizabeth Barbara Brown. They got married in 1975, and they have two daughters together – Emma and Georgiana. But the couple divorced in 1993. After their divorce, Bloomberg has been with Daiana Taylor, the superintendent of the New York State Bank. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I hope this short sketch was able to deliver a detailed story of Mike Bloomberg. However, here are some questions and answers that might help. 

Q1. How Much Is The Bloomberg Family Worth?

Micheal Bloomberg owns 88% of Bloomberg LP. His net, at the end of December 2022, is $76.8B.

Q2. Where Does Michael Bloomberg Rank In Wealth?

According to June 2022 Data released by Forbes, Bloomberg ranks as the 14 richest people in the world. Since he has signed the Giving Pledge, Bloomberg is supposed to give away more than half of his wealth.

Q3. What Is Bloomberg Index?

Bloomberg Indexing is a daily list of ranks for the richest persons in the world. The list consists of pages of billionaires providing an analysis of their net worth.


Micheal Bloomberg has led a remarkable life of struggle and success; he rose from a middle-class life to becoming a billionaire. As if his entrepreneurial and political side were not enough – he even went on to explore the development and donate to different charitable causes. 

Both his work as a politician and an entrepreneur inspire ambitious people from different corners of the world.

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