MBA Chai Wala Net Worth- From Successive Failures To Success: An Entrepreneur’s Journey

Mashum Mollah 11 May, 2023
MBA Chai Wala Net Worth

 “Success comes to those who work consistently. Not occasionally.”

– MBA Chai Wala

You can take different roads to become an entrepreneur. You can take an MBA course and move up through the corporate ladders and decide to become an entrepreneur one day. Or you can take a HUGE LEAP OF FAITH and start a business like MBA Chai Wala from India.

This is the story of Mr. Praful Billore, MBA Chai Wala, a 90s kid from India. He has made a chain of tea shops across India and has been representing the new age of Indian entrepreneurs at both national and international level.

He has shown that you can make a business twice, no, thrice the size of what you dream of, and challenges only test your limits. Today, Mr. Praful Billore is an inspiration among the youth. Here is an article on him. Here, you can learn about MBA Chai Wala’s net worth, his biography, and business.


MBA Chai Wala Net Worth: How Much IS MBA Chai Wala’s Income?

MBA Chai Wala Net Worth: How Much IS MBA Chai Wala’s Income?

MBA Chai Wala, or Praful Billore, started his journey with one small tea stall in 2017. When he started his business in 2017, his budget was 8000 rupees (less than $100). Now his brand MBA Chai Wala is working with more than 100 serving outlets and 150 plus brand partners. On top of that, he has his own line of different products and beautifully decorated outlets across India.

No, I have not come to the “MBA Chai Wala Net Worth” part yet. The success that boomed Mr. Praful as an internet sensation in India in 2020. He started giving speeches in different programs and has attended more than 200 programs till now.

His operating revenue range in 2020 was between 1 crore to 100 crore in rupees. The Company’s EBITDA faced an increase of 3332.78% against its 2021 EIBTA. Also, when compared with the net worth of previous years, the MBA Chai Wala company has seen a growth of 487.04%.

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Here Is A Year-After-Year Net Worth Chart Of MBA Chai Wala –

MBA Chai Wala Net Worth In Different Years 
YearIn RupeesIn Dollar
2018₹ 8,29,98,500$ 1 Million
2019₹ 12,44,97,750$ 1.5 Million
2020₹ 16,59,88,000$ 2 Million
2021₹ 21,57,84,400$ 2.6 Million
2022₹ 24,89,82,000$ 3 Million

Who Is MBA Chai Wala?

Who Is MBA Chai Wala?

Praful Billore, or MBA Chai wala, is an entrepreneur who has built a line of tea stalls in India. He has developed his franchise into a business worth $3 million. His father’s name is Sohal Billore. He was born on 14th January 1996 in Dhar, Madhya Pradesh.

Praful was a B.Com student from a Madhya Pradesh. Praful wanted to take an MBA course, but he failed at that. He also wanted to crack UPSC, where he failed as well. So, instead of pursuing those goals, Praful started a tea stall. When he took the 8000 rupees from his parents, they did not know that he was going to start a tea shop. Now he has turned it into a business with 3 crores of yearly turnover.

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Billore is quite popular on social media as well. He has more than 268.5k followers on Twitter and 121k on Instagram. Billore is also quite famous on YouTube, and he is also a public speaker. He has been inspiring millions of youths with his strong speaking skills. Despite his proficiency in English, Billore chooses to speak Hindi, his mother tongue.

However, these are not his main sources of income. His line of tea stalls and tea products are his main sources of income.

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The Story Of MBA Chai Wala

The Story Of MBA Chai Wala

Praful always did not dream of developing a line of tea stalls. He wanted to clear the CAT exam and pursue MBA. However, after three consecutive trials, he only failed. This was a depressing turn in his life, and it was hard for him to focus on anything.

Praful then thought of staying in Ahmedabad. There he started to look for work in different places. One of his early jobs was at McDonalds. His starting salary was INR 200. He earned roughly around 600 every month.

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His first designation there was a cleaning service agent. Later he also became a cashier. But there was something inside telling him to quit working for someone else. He wanted to do something for himself, something on his own. He constantly kept asking why he should sell burgers for someone he works for when he could do it for himself.

This mindset led him to start his own small business – MBA Chai Wala. When Praful started his tea stall, it was difficult to get any customers at first. But, soon, he started planning and taking different approaches. The most interesting approach among them was speaking English. He started to converse with his customers in English.

This approach was successful, and people started to buy tea from a seller who spoke English. This was the first time he earned 150 rupees for only 5 cups of tea and toast. He took this success as an opportunity to do something bigger. He planned and put in his effort. As he dreamed, his business started to gain momentum, and the rewards started to expand themselves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some popular questions about MBA Chai Wala –

Q1. How Many MBA Chai Wala Franchises Are In India?

A: As of now, there are more than 100 franchises of MBA chai wala; and they have more than 150 brand partners.

Q2. How Much Does MBA Chai Wala Earn In A Day?

A: The monthly income of MBA Chai Wala is 45 lakhs to 46 lakhs. He also has huge social media followers and a popular YouTube channel which also adds to his income. But no, an average MBA, Chai Wala, earns 1.5 lakhs every day.

Q3. Is MBA Chaiwala Profitable?

A: MBA Chai Wala has been opening its stalls in different parts of the country. Most of their franchises are making good profits. If you want to open a franchise yourself, you can expect a profit margin between 10% to 25%

Bottom Line

So, that was the answer to your query, MBA Chai Wala net worth. With proper vision, planning, and hard work, you can achieve your professional goals. It is not simple, but you can make it work if you have the determination of the MBA chai wala.

Did this story inspire you? What do you think of MBA chai wala? Let us know in the comment section. We are eager to hear from you.

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