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Markiplier: Early Life, Career, Youtube, & Net Worth

Mashum Mollah 7 September, 2023
NameMark Edward Fischbach
Date Of BirthJune 28, 1989
YouTube Subscribers34 years
Height5′ 10″

No matter how hard life knocks you down, you can get up, recover, and start again in any given condition.

Markiplier, one of the earliest YouTube stars and the third high-paid Youtuber in 2020, is an example of such a struggle leading to success.

In his early life, Mark Edward wanted to be a video game designer, but he started to study civil engineering instead. He is a college dropout, and he lost his father to cancer. His mother kicked him out as she disapproved of his relationship. But after all the complexities and difficulties in life, Mark Edwards Fishbach stood strong and started his journey as a creator, YouTuber, and internet personality. Read this article and get inspired.


Who Is Markiplier?

Who Is Markiplier

Mark Edward Fischbach is an internet personality and is known as Markiplier, his online alias. He has touched various grounds in terms of his profession or career. Mark is a YouTuber, producer, actor, and cohost of the Unus Annur channel. Mark Edward is also the younger brother to a popular web comic author named Thomas Fischbach.

He is basically known for the videos he uploads where he plays different games with his friends and comments on them. People love to watch him play some of the scariest horror games. Most of the videos he uploads are related to the game named Five Nights At Freddy’s. He also plays different horror games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Slender. But, what Markiplier is truly known for is his interest in indie games.

He focuses on giving these games more attention through streaming and YouTube videos. Aside from horror and indie games, Mark also plays other popular games such as Minecraft, Happy Wheels, etc.

Mark is not the only Youtuber-gamer. He also does a few comic sketches and uploads them on his YouTube channel. Before his fame as a YouTuber, Markiplier wanted to be a voice actor. But fate had something else for him instead. Now, he has a YouTube channel with 35 million subscribers.

Early Life And Education

Markiplier Early Life And Education

Markiplier, or Mark Edwards, was born on June 28, 1989. He was born in the Tripler Army Medical Center based in Honolulu, Hawaii. His parents are Cliffton Morris Fischbach Jr. and Sunok. His father was a German American who used to serve in the US Army, and his mother is a native Korean who met her father during his service in South Korea.

The couple settled down in Milford, Ohio, where both of the Fischbach brothers grew up. Growing up was difficult for them because, as a child, Mark and his elder brother Thomas were discriminated against because of their Korean heritage and appearance.

His fellow students and the teacher often discriminated against him for his appearance. Mark’s parents divorced, and they had to go to Milford High School (public school) because of a lack of funds. Initially, Mark wanted to be a video game designer. But his father disagreed, so he decided to become a civil engineer instead. He went on to different desk jobs from time to time and all of them felt like a dead end at some point.

Youtube Journey

Markiplier Youtube Journey

Before his YouTube journey started, life had taken a toll on Markiplier. He lost his father to lung cancer, and his mother disapproved of his relationship and kicked him out. Then, the woman he loved and moved into a new place with walked out on him. His supervisor denied requiring his service anymore. All of this culminated in Mark developing appendicitis and a large tumour on his adrenal gland.

However, both his mother and stepmother helped him recover. This is when he thought of turning his life upside down. He bought a camera, started recording comedy sketches, and uploaded them to his channel named Markiplier.

Initially, he intended to create videos based on the multiple characters he would portray for the videos he made on the channel. He recorded the video of him playing the game called Amnesia: The Dark Descent. On April 4, 2012, he uploaded this video to the Markiplier channel.

This high time of YouTube helped him gather a massive 2000 subscribers initially.

He has also made many comedy sketches where he plays different characters (almost similar to Indian YouTuber Bhuvan Bam). Here are some of his funny alter egos – Darkiplier, Santaplier, Wilford Warfstarche, and Jim’s Twins.

Then he went on to create so many “Let’s play” gameplay commentary videos. He played lots of horror and action games, which gained him popularity among his viewers. Right now, Markiplier is one of the most successful YouTubers in the world.

Personal life

Markiplier Personal life

Although he faced so much difficulty in his early life, Markiplier has been getting his life back on track ever since he started his YouTube journey. He has a girlfriend named Amy Nelson. He also keeps a very close connection with his fans and has always wanted to do something for charity.

Mark has been an active part of different charitable organizations. He is also interested in various types of creative works such as writing, directing, acting, etc.. as a YouTuber, he has also ventured into different creative projects such as “A Heist with Markiplier” or “In Space with Markiplier“.

Net worth

Markiplier is one of the earliest creators of YouTube, and his YouTube is the main reason behind his financial success. His annual income ranges from $10 to $20 million. His earnings from YouTube started to grow with time. Markiplier earned $12.5 million from YouTube in 2017, and the income rose to $17.5 million in 2018. Currently, his net worth is around $38 million.

Final Words

Mark Edward is, without a doubt, one of the inspirational internet personalities who entertains millions of people. His creativity, passion for gaming, and the courage to not give up are some of the reasons for his success. According to Forbes, all the charitable causes he has been a part of led to the collection of $3 million in approx. Mark has also advocated different societal causes such as universal healthcare, gun control laws, LGBT rights, etc.

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