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Mashum Mollah 25 March, 2023
job vs business

After completing your education, the next thing you hope for is a good livelihood source, where you only have to choose between business vs job. For those people who have startup capital, business is always the best choice or option for them.

However, for those who do not have enough capital to finance any business looking for a job is always the best option. Many people opt to look for a well-paying job, get money from the same job, and start a business of their own. 

For quite some time now there has been a discussion between job and business where people would like to know which one of these two is the best. Honestly, a business is much a better idea than a job, and there are so many reasons that make this the case. 

In this article, we will look at the job vs business debate and look at some of the top reasons that make a business much better than a job because that is what we feel you need to go for if you are aiming for success after school. Several reasons make businesses such a noble idea to anyone considering actualizing his dreams, as we are going to see below.


1. No Limit on Money

No Limit on Money

As you might know, people only work for money and nothing short of that. The only difference is how much you make out of your business after what period of time. Whether you are in business or just on your own job, you always hope to make some money in the end. 

However, the only difference is that with jobs, you have a limited income compared to a business. Many people might argue that sometimes you might get a well-paying job that will get you more money than even many people who are in business. 

That is true, and it does happen in some cases, but the point we are trying to make here is a fixed income issue. Much as you might be making as much money you make over a period of time let’s say after choosing a govt job vs business; you will always have limits to your earnings.

In business, the case is different. Here, you can as much as there is or as much as the circumstances can allow. Other than that, businesses also come with the best chances of growth where you find someone starting small with their businesses. Still, they eventually move on to become bigger corporations in the future.

2. No Restrictions in Business 

One of the things that can make you less productive anywhere is the issue of restrictions, especially when the restrictions that govern you are so strict, and you do not like them. In most job settings, you always have to work with your employer’s very strict time interval.

In most cases, you might find yourself having to work up to eight hours a day, while in other cases, the time might even go beyond that something that creates the greatest difference between job and business. In business, the case is different where you have the freedom to work for as long as you can since you are your own boss.

The choice of working in business largely depends on you. If you need to make more profits, you can choose to work for longer periods of time where the more you work, the more money you make. The bottom line is in business; you will never have any time restrictions; you can do your business for as long as you can without any problems. 

3. Get to Be Your Own Boss

Get to Be Your Own Boss

One of the many advantages of business is that it allows you to be your own boss. In business, you do not have to worry about your boss like is the case with most jobs. In a job, for instance, everything you do has to come from your boss. 

If you have a new idea that you need to implement, you must always wait until your boss gives it the go-ahead. In some other cases, you might even find your boss mistreating you so much, but there is so little that you can do about that. 

In business, the case is different just in case you are wondering which is a better job or business. Here, you are the one who makes the rules that govern you. If you have an idea that you need to implement, you will not have to wait for an okay from anyone to go ahead with the idea. The flexibility that comes with being your own boss is so much compared to working under someone’s rules and regulations.

If you have any problems working under someone’s influence, you need to get yourself a business. However, even in business, you need to be very careful and make sure that you make the right decisions that will contribute to your business’s success and progress. 

If you are not disciplined enough, you might find yourself making some mistakes that might fail you later. It is only with the right use of the freedom that business accords you that you will make progress and move your business to a bigger corporation from what it is.

4. No Retirement for You 

No Retirement for You

This is one of the many benefits of owning a business compared to having to work for someone or even the government in some cases. You see, much as you might love your job, the office, the best secretaries you are given and many other things that come with it, a time will always come when you will have to retire. 

In short, you will never be on your job for the rest of your life no matter how good you might be at what you do. There will always come a time when you have to leave your job and go home for your retirement. However, in business, the case is very different from working for someone where you will never have to retire. So just in case you are still not convinced about businessman vs serviceman who is better then this is just one of the points you need to consider.

If well placed and organized, your business can run for so many years allowing you to attend and work on your businesses for as long as you have the energy to do so. Even when that time comes where you feel you can no longer work properly, you can always find someone from your family like your child to take over from you and carry on with your business. 

For instance, in a job setting, you cannot leave your job to your son or daughter after you have retired. Once you leave the company, it will be the company’s exclusive responsibility to find someone they feel is the perfect fit to fill in the gap left behind by your departure. 

In this case, the bad thing is that by the time you are retiring, you will be too old and exhausted to do anything, meaning starting up a business at the retirement age and running it yourself smoothly might not be possible due to your old age. 

On the other hand, for a business, there is no retirement age as you can go on with your business for many years to come which is one of the key advantages of the business. This means you can continue making money long after some people have retired, unlike in the case of working where you stop making money the moment you stop working.

5. No Waiting for Holidays

No Waiting for Holidays

Whether you are in business or not, you will agree that time will always come when you need a break. However, when working for someone or in conventional jobs, you will always have to wait for specific times either during a holiday or any other time to get the break. 

In business, the case is different compared to having to work on a normal job. In a business setting, you are your own boss; this means you are the one who gets to decide when to go where and how. There are no restrictions to you in business-like in the case of having to work on a normal eight-hour job. 

If you choose to award yourself a holiday at any given time, you can go ahead with it. There is so much flexibility that comes with doing business compared to having to work in a company or even for the government.

6. Acquisition of Knowledge on How to Run A-Team 

There are some things that you will never learn by working for any company or any organization. One of these things is knowing how to run a team. Unless you are a manager, you might not know much about proper team running and management.

The business case is a bit different. Here, you get an opportunity to learn about running a team by putting a team together that will enable you to achieve your business goals. As you grow, so will be the team you put together, giving you the best opportunity to run a team in your business. 

The running of a team can help you become a better manager and even manage your business in a much better way, there are so many disadvantages of business and most of them come from improper business management. If you can run and manage your business in the right way then you will find a business such a noble idea. However, if you are on a normal job, you will never have such an opportunity as you will only get to be part of a team and not the manager of the team itself.

This way, it will be tough for you to learn something in management like you would in a business where you can learn so much from them and grow yourself.

7. Establishment of Key Connections 

When you get into a business, you create so many connections for yourself, some of which might help you so much in someplace. For instance, you deal with suppliers and other people you come into contact with while you are in business.

Some, if not most of these contacts might be instrumental in your growth as a business person. In normal working conditions creating such connections might not be easy or possible. In such an environment, you only focus on what you are paid to do and nothing more. 

In the end, you might even retire without establishing any connections at all. Given the importance and significance of connections in anyone’s life, you must work to establish any if you need to grow as a person.

That is for the business but before you join any business it is very important that you look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of business, but whenever the discussion of business vs. job comes up, we have those who still find jobs to be much better than businesses, and they have their own reasons for this. From the description above, it is clear that having a business of your own is a far better idea than having a job.

However, some factors might make jobs look better compared to businesses. One of these factors is the issue of a steady income from the job, there are so many advantages of private jobs. When you sign up for a job, you automatically sign up for a monthly salary, which will be paid to you for as long as you are still working for the company.

In business, the income might vary where you might find yourself earning so low in some cases, while in others, you might find yourself making some good money. Given an inconsistent income in business, especially for startups, some people feel that it is better to have a job than have a business with an inconsistent income. 

The other reason why people opt for jobs over businesses is the issue of startup capital. Here, many people feel that it is much more costly to start a meaningful business that will yield reasonable profits at the end of the day. 

There could be many other reasons that compel people to think that having a job in some cases is far much better compared to having a business among them some key advantages of the job. However, looking at all the pros and cons of a business and job, you will concur that a business is far better than a business.

8. Motivation For Work

Another difference between a job and a business is reflected in the motivation someone has in terms of putting in their work. Business owner is always motivated to achieve their own success through their goodwill. There is also an immense amount of motivation for working hard and growing base of customers. Since there is a sense of ownership in the business, motivation almost never lacks. Entrepreneurs and business owners also feel burnt out and demotivated and often have a risk of failure.

Motivation for employees also works differently. Employers also put reward systems based on the job performances of the employees, which keep them motivated. However, if work gets redundant, employees of any organization can often feel demotivated. 

9. Responsibility Towards Work 

Things run differently in the business compared to jobs. When someone is self-employed, they have the responsibility to boost their business driven by their own needs and will. As a result, running a business can be stressful. 

However, Jobs are less stressful compared to business since there is less amount of stress due to a lesser amount of responsibility.  This is one of the reasons why many people prefer to do a job instead of running a business themselves. 


Many reasons make having a business such a noble idea compared to having a job. In the debate of a job vs business, it is clear that a business is a clear favorite and eventual winner. However, before you go for any of these options, you need to take time and study their pros and cons extensively.

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