How to Write Top Selling Amazon Product Description

GetMeSeen 7 August, 2020
Amazon Product Description

Amazon has over 500 million products in stock, which means sellers have to compete with each other to get their products in front of as many people as possible. And to meet the desire needs of the customers, we write an effective Amazon product description and bring leads and sales into our hands by providing genuine information to buyers.

But the struggle doesn’t stop there. Once a potential shopper lands on a product listing, it’s up to the store to optimize descriptions to ensure they convert into a buyer.

Product pages are a vital step in the sales cycle, marking the point where a prospect becomes a customer. The descriptions on these pages help potential buyers qualify a product and decide between competitors. This is where you need to convince customers to click that all-important “add to cart” button.

The power of Amazon product description isn’t just limited to this.

They can also help you rank on Amazon search results if you use relevant keywords in the right places. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of elements you can optimize and incorporate into your amazon product description so they perform at their best.

How to Write Top Selling Amazon Product Description:

1. Know Who You’re Targeting

First things first, you need to know exactly who you’re targeting with your products. Having this information will help you use the right words and send out the right message with your product descriptions.

Rather than trying to appeal to everyone, you’ll do better by focusing on a specific type of customer.

You can do this by creating “customer personas”.

These are short profiles that document the demographic and psychographic tendencies of your target buyers.

They go deeper than surface layer information, like where a customer lives and their age, and dig into their wants, needs, use cases, and challenges. Knowing this information will enable you to position your products in the right way and ensure your descriptions mention the benefits that matter the most to your target shoppers.

2. Focus on the Benefits

Lots of sellers make the mistake of only focusing on the features of their products. However, customers want to know how they can use a product and how it will solve a pain point they have.

For example, a shopper searching for a new vacuum because their current one takes too much time to set up and can’t reach under low surfaces might want to know that a benefit of your vacuum is an easy assemblage and a detachable head that lets you get into hard-to-reach places.

Amazon lets you showcase a selection of features in a bulleted list, so make the most of this too. List the most important features at the top and touch on the features that will help your target customers the most.

Amazon Product Descriptions

3. Incorporate Relevant Keywords

Using well-searched keyword terms in your product descriptions and product titles can help you rank in search results. This is key if you want to get your products on the first page of relevant search results (only 30% of shoppers make it to page two of search results).

Choose the right keywords by making a list of 20 trending items in relevant product categories. You can check out lists like “most gifted” and “most wished for” here for inspiration. Then, look at the words the top-selling products use in their titles and descriptions. These are the most important keywords.

product description amazon

It helps to use descriptive keyword phrases as much as possible, too, like “flowing design” if you’re selling dresses.

Once you’ve got a robust list of potential keywords, run them through an Amazon keyword tool to find out which ones get the most hits.

4. Make Descriptions Scannable

Shoppers today don’t have time to read reams of complicated text about your products and their menu of features. Instead, they want information quickly – if they don’t get it, they’ll go elsewhere.

how do i write a description on amazon

So make sure your product descriptions are easily scannable by incorporating bullet points and other formatting devices to avoid creating a large chunk of daunting text. Try bolding key phrases, italicizing sentences, and breaking up text with images and testimonials where possible.

5. Keep Descriptions Short and Snappy

This follows on from the last point. Consumers today are busy, so keep your descriptions as clear and concise as possible.

Do this by creating a hierarchy of information a bit as newspaper reporters do: start with all the key information in the first paragraph and expand on it later down the listing. This means consumers who are short on time can quickly scan information at the top to decide if a product is right for them and, if they want to know more, they can read on further.

6. Make Your Product Titles Pop

Your Amazon product descriptions aren’t the only thing that’s important for Amazon SEO and relaying the right information quickly.

Product titles are just as important.

These will likely be the first thing potential customers see, so you want to make them as informative and clear as possible.

product description

Let customers know exactly what they can expect when they click into your listing from the search results while keeping the title as short as possible. The recommended limit is 200 characters, which is plenty of room to lay out what your product is with a few descriptive keywords thrown in for good measure.

7. Show Off Your Personality

Standing out on Amazon is hard, especially when there are so many brands selling similar products. Rather than trying to cram as many keywords as possible into your descriptions, make your personality shine through.

Use a conversational tone of voice and write as if you were speaking directly to a target customer.

This will make prospects feel like you understand them and, as a result, it will help you stand out against competitors who come across as robotic in their descriptions.

8. Create A+ Pages

Amazon has a ton of features available to sellers who want to make their product listings really pop. A+ Pages is one such feature that helps you differentiate your products from your competitors’.

A+ Pages

It lets you create stories around your products using different content formats, like images, feature boxes, videos, and testimonials. All of these come together to create a unique product listing that’s far more engaging than the standard Amazon layout.

According to Amazon, A+ Pages can increase sales from 3% to 10%, but this percentage can be much higher depending on the quality of the content on the page and the product itself.

9. Include Multimedia Elements

Your Amazon product descriptions could be the best in the world, but if you don’t have good quality images you’ll struggle to get conversions. This is because one of the major pitfalls of shopping online is that customers can’t touch or see a product in-person before they hand over their money.

This is where images and other visual elements can come into play. Start by using high-quality pictures that show your product from every angle. You can also incorporate product videos into the mix and sprinkle positive customer testimonials throughout your descriptions to increase customer confidence and nurture brand trust.

visual elements

Our clients at Urtasker have had the most success with their product descriptions when incorporating several types of content to provide a comprehensive insight into their products.

Your Amazon Product Description Matter:

Good product descriptions will keep sales flowing in. They not only encourage shoppers to move from the browsing stage to the buying stage of the sales cycle, but they can help build brand trust and elevate your visibility in search results.

Make sure you’re clear and concise, use keywords that your target customers are searching for, and make your descriptions as engaging as possible with multimedia elements, good formatting, and a dash of personality.

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