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Carry Minati: Life & Achievements Of The Top Indian Youtuber

Mashum Mollah 6 July, 2023
Carry Minati
NameCarry Minati/ Ajey Nagar
OccupationYoutuber, Gamer, Rapper.
DOB12 June 1999
Net Worth$5 million

“To Kaise Hein Aap Log…”

If you are hearing this soul-piercing voice as you read this section, then you are one of CarryMinati’s enjoyers. It is a wonder how a youtube community can form simply from roasting others.

The roast culture formed into something else entirely, with different new YouTubers popping up. Most of them mimicked the trendsetter CarryMinati.

A guy in his twenties achieved massive Youtube followership through gaming and roasting. What’s funnier, he did not have to go to college for this success. The road to the success of CarryMinati is something he paved on his own.

Does that mean the current world needs to rethink the traditional way to success? But, there was also a shadow of controversy following him in 2020. So, how did that play out for him?

Here is a somewhat interesting and awe-striking life of Ajey Nagar and what he achieved.

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Who Is CarryMinati?

Who Is CarryMinati?

CarryMinati – what kind of name is that? Ajey himself answered some people associating his name with Illuminati. That answer is perhaps who Carry is. From the goofy video of “Aye Rupali” to the blood-boiling rap “Yalgaar,” Carry Minati has shown his range of creativity on Youtube.

He is a gamer, a roast video creator, a comedian, a rapper, a music producer, and probably more. He has a massive number of 38.3 million subscribers on Youtube. He turned his passion into a profession, and his creative fire started to burn when he was just eight years old. His passion started when he watched football tutorial videos as a kid. This inspired him to create a channel of his own.

The Freshman Years As A Youtuber

The Freshman Years As A Youtuber

No, Ajey, aka Carry, did not see success in one day. Even CarryMinati started and abandoned a few of his early channels until he became CarryMinati. His Channel CarryMinati is based on Gameplay and funny roasting. However, he has another channel named CarryIsLive, where he does lots of live streams and even raises funds for different charitable causes.

He started to do youtube passionately when he was 10 years young. Initially, his channel was named AddictedA1, and he used to upload gameplay videos where he used to react to the Gameplay. Ajey Nagar, aka Carry, is a resident of New Delhi, Faridabad. He posts roast videos on his channel from his home.

Ajey has been working on his first channel since 2014. The channel was named CarryDeol, in 2015, where Carry was mimicking Bollywood actor Sunny Deol while playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Subsequently, Carry changed his channel name to Carry Minati from CarryDeol.

CarryIsLive: Not Just A Youtuber-Roaster!

CarryIsLive: Not Just A Youtuber-Roaster!

CarryMinati did not only stick to being a regular Youtube Roast Video creator. He opened another channel called CarryIsLive, where he uploaded gameplay videos. More so, he used to host these live streams to raise funds for different charitable causes.

In 2018, he did a live stream to raise funds for the Kerala floods. He also used his fanbase to raise funds for cyclone Fani in Odisha, Bihar Flood, Assam Floods, and also for Shaheeds of Pulwama Attack.

Carry also hosted a live stream on June 4, 2023, to raise funds for the Odisha train collision victims. He ran a 4 hours long livestream raising 11,87,611.64 in funds. He also personally added 1.5 lakhs to this fund, increasing it to a higher number.

CarryMinati:YouTube Vs TikTok

CarryMinati:YouTube Vs TikTok

This was a big thing on social media back in 2020. Ajey posted a controversial roast video called “YouTube Vs TikTok–The End.” this was a response to Amir Siddiqui, a TikTok creator who berated the creators on YouTube who roasted TikTok users.

Followed by Amir’s comment, Carry created and published a video with the title – “YouTube Vs. TikTok–The End.” Youtube took down this video for the violation of the terms and conditions of the Platform. Multiple complaints were made about cyberbullying, harassment, and homophobia. Many of the accusations were against the abusive and transphobic language used in the video.

Youtube’s action to take the video only made many of Carry’s fans to questions Youtube. This phenomenon caused the video to get a few more million views. Also, many social media campaigns started with different hashtags. Carry responded once again through a song that he produced with his brother Willy Frenzy. This song was named Yalgaar.

Media Coverage

Famous Time Magazine Published Next Generation Leaders in 2019 and Carry was featured at the 10th position in 2019. This list consists of the top ten young creators of the year.

Nagar also got featured in Forbes 30 under 30 Asia List in 2020. In 2021, he was also featured on the top 50 creator list published by India Today. The list of High & Mighty, Powerful personalities of India get featured on this list, and Carry was one of them. He was also featured in Hindustan Times Brunch Cover Story.

Carry Minati In Bollywood

Carry Minati In Bollywood

Carry Minati has finally made his Bollywood cameo in the movie named “Runway 34“. The movie features popular stars like Ajay Devgan, Amitabh Bachchan, and Rakul Preet Singh.

Before that, CarryMinati’s song “Yalgaar” served as the theme song in the 2021 film “The Big Bull”. This movie stars Abhishek Bachchan, Ileana D’cruz, and Nikita Dutta. Nagar also worked with Composer Salim Sulaiman for the song named “Date Kar le“.

Carry Minati’s Net Worth

Carry Minati's Net Worth

Aside from his Youtube channel, Carry has also done many brand collaborations and advertisements. He is the top Indian Youtube creator in India and has amassed a net worth of $5 million (41 crores). His monthly income is $16 lakh.

Final Words

Although the Youtube vs. TikTok controversy did put some dents on CarryMinati, he pulled through. CarryMinati is now back on Youtube and has been posting videos. Although the frequency of uploading videos has lowered, he is consistent. Rumours have it– he is currently focused on working in Bollywood. But those are still rumours. However, the fame and name he has achieved as a creator should not go unrecognized.

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