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Amit Bhadana: Age, Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life

Mashum Mollah 20 September, 2023
Amit Bhadana
NameAmit Bhadana
Date Of Birth7 September 1994
ProfessionYoutuber, Singer, Comedian, Entertainer.
Height5′ 10″
EducationB.A. (Hons.)

Most famous Indian YouTubers create content for the mass audience of India. It takes a clear understanding of what the mass audience wants or loves to watch on YouTube. A creator also needs to speak the language of the masses if they have to appeal to them.

Amit Bhadana seems to have been successful in all of these cases, and he has been creating content for the masses. He is a successful YouTuber, social media influencer, and comedian. His content made in Hindi Language has been entertaining millions of Indian audiences.

It is no wonder that he has amassed $7 million in net worth. But how has been his YouTube journey so far? How was his life growing up? Keep reading this short sketch on Amit Bhadana if you want to know about Amit Bhadana’s life, age, career, net worth, and many more.


Who Is Amit Bhadana?

Who Is Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana is an Indian YouTuber, content creator, and comedian. He started to make videos after one of his earliest videos gained some excellent comments on Facebook. Following this small success that came in the form of a few friends commenting on his video, Amit found his inspiration. He started creating YouTube videos, and after 2018, his efforts started paying off.

He gained traction as a Youtuber around the time of 2018. His channel started to get around 40K subscribers on a daily basis from 6th September to 11th September 2018. Right now, his channel has 24.3 million subscribers with 101 videos uploaded.

He makes content that the Indian audience can always relate to. His range, “school ke wo din,” makes the audience feel nostalgic. Another one of his content, “types of people in a bus,” certainly gives the audience a good laugh. Aside from all of his funny and different types of sketches, Amit also creates songs that are pretty popular among his fans.

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Early Life & Education

Amit Bhadana Early Life & Education

Amit Bhadana was born on September 7 1994 in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh. His parents are Munish Devi & Narendra Bhadana. When he was very young (5 years old), his father died in 1999, causing him to go through many difficulties in his early life. He had to face difficult times. It was his grandmother and his uncle who raised him and his younger siblings. Amit has a younger brother and a sister.

When a young boy, Amit was completing his high school at Lovely Buds Public School, after Bhadana completed his schooling, he entered the college with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree later on. Then, he went for a law degree and enrolled at the University of Delhi. Amit completed his law degree in 2017.

Career & Youtube

Amit Bhadana Career & Youtube

Amit made his YouTube channel back in 2012. He was creating videos, and he was not getting any attention. But he went viral for the first time in 2015 thanks to the video he made on Adele’s song “Hello.” This video helped him get thousands of views. This was just the start. Since this video was doing well, Amit thought of creating another similar video. This is when he ended up creating content on Eminem.

But this never made him feel satisfied. He wanted to do something original and not just dub some videos. One of his friends suggested he use Vine instead. So, Amit started to create content on Vine. There, he got a significant amount of followers who were enjoying his content.


Vine was making him popular, but it was not quite what Amit wanted. So, he shifted to YouTube and created the first of his full-length content. It was titled “Exam Be Like. Board Preparations Be Like.” the content was published in March 2017.

The video was a major hit, and Amit Bhadana started to create and upload more similar content on his channel named Amit Bhadana. He started to focus on parodies of his relatives and friends. It generally involved creating content that the mass audience can relate to.

In 2018, his video named “Behan Bhai Ki School Life” was among the top 10 videos globally. His channel was moving forward rapidly. In 2020, Amit Bhadana became the first Indian YouTuber to reach the 20 million subscriber milestone.

His fame took him higher, and he started to expand beyond YouTube. He has been the brand ambassador for the Mobile Premier League since December 2020. The following year, Amit Bhadana’s channel was listed among the wealthiest YouTubers in India.


Amit Bhadana is not only a comedian creating funny sketches on YouTube. He has also been creating songs and raps that are available on Spotify, YouTube, and many other platforms. He launched an Album called Mera Junior. This was quite famous when it came out.

Here Is A List Of Different Songs He Made Over The Last Few Years –

  • Father Saab (2021)
  • Dooriyan (2022)
  • Cheetah (2022)
  • Judaiyaan (2022)
  • Aatmvishvas (2021)
  • Tum Se Mili (2022)
  • Bus Tu Hi Mera (2022)
  • Meri Subaah Ke Tum Sawere (2022)
  • Pagal (2022)
  • Rab Mil Gaya (2022)
  • Majnu Halaal (2023)
  • Legacy (2023)
  • Rain Don’t Go Away (2023)
  • Hriday (2023)
  • Aaj Meri Chod Apni Bata (2023)

Amit Bhadana Personal Life

Amit Bhadana Personal Life

Amit is not married currently. But rumours suggest that he has been dating Riya Mavi recently. Not much is available online about his dating life and personal life. Amit still has a younger brother named Sumit Bhadana and a younger sister. The renowned YouTube content creator and comedian Amit Bhadana has also collaborated with brands such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Samsung.

Amit Bhadana’s Net Worth

Amit Bhadana’s current net worth is close to $7 million. He earns most of his revenue from his YouTube AdSense and through brand collaboration with some of the most famous brands. Currently, he has an annual income of around 1.5+ Croes. Aside from his 20 million Subscribers on YouTube, Amit also has 9 million followers on Instagram.

Final Words

Amit Bhadana has worked hard enough to be able to showcase his cosy home and cool cars on his social media platforms. His success did not come overnight. He entered the content creation game a long time ago, back in 2012.

Hopefully, this article gave you a clear and proper introduction to the life and successes of Amit Bhadana. Please let us know about your feedback on Amit Bhadana and his life.

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