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How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India 2021

Mashum Mollah 28 January, 2021
affiliate marketing in india

Have you ever thought to yourself if we have a way that you can use to make money by simply referring people to Amazon or Flipkart? Well, there is? If you are wondering what this is, then affiliate programs India it is. Anyone looking to make money online and do so very well to the extent of even achieving their own dreams, then affiliate marketing is the way you need to go.

However, for a person who has never done affiliate marketing in India in the past, it might look hard for you to start this process and make it a success. This is why you need to have the best guidance that will enable you to start and run the best and effective affiliate marketing campaign.

Before we get to that bit, we must begin by defining what affiliate marketing is before moving on to look at how you can start and run an effective affiliate marketing campaign. In the end, you will have the best understanding of what affiliate marketing is and why you need to join this program if you need to make some money on the side. 


What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is straightforward; this is a way of earning money by simply recommending services and products to other people. The working of this program is effortless.

First, you need to find that product that you need or intend to promote. Once you have this product, move on to sign up for the affiliate program, where you will get a special link that allows the company to see the people who click on your link. 

Once you have this link, move and promote it on the internet in India. When someone buys the recommended product, you get paid a commission by the company, and it is that simple.

These days, the good thing is that we have hundreds of affiliate marketing websites in India on the internet comprising all types of products.

However, if you are in India, then the most popular affiliate programs you can work with are Amazon and Flipkart. Given that these are the main affiliate programs in India, we strongly believe that they need to focus on this discussion. 

The good thing with Amazon is that when someone clicks your affiliate link, you will be eligible to earn commissions on any products bought by the people in the next 24 hours. This means that you will be paid for not just the product you promote but rather for all the products sold on amazon. 

A perfect example of this is when someone goes to amazon, clicks your link but buys nothing. However, the same person comes back again after some time and buys another product; you will get a commission for that sale.

The reason for this is because when someone clicks your affiliate link, a cookie is placed in the user’s browser, and from there, all the purchases this person will make in the next 24 hours will therefore be credited to you. 

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How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Program in India?

How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Program in India

Starting an amazon is not that complicated; you need to follow some simple steps, and you will be way ahead with this program. In the discussion below, we will look at some of the ways that you can use to carry out an affiliate marketing program and make it a success. 

1. Choose Your Preferred Product That You Intend to Promote

Choose Your Product to Promote 

To do this, you need to visit the Amazon page and select a category that most interests you. Given that you will be doing some writing on this topic, later on, make sure that you are dealing with a topic that you are familiar with.

There are so many reasons you need to choose that topic you are most familiar with. One of these reasons is that having this product topic will make it much easier for you to write to a specific audience, which is called selecting a niche on India’s affiliate marketing websites.

Before finalizing your topic, it is essential for you also to take time and look at amazon’s commission rates. Doing this will help you know exactly how much you stand to get at the end of the day in terms of commissions should your links lead to successful sales. 

2. Create Your Own Website

Create Your Own Website

Once you have your topic well selected, you can now move ahead and form your own website. Even though we have other ways that you can use to promote your affiliate link, the most effective way that you can use to make this possible is by coming up with your own website. 

A website forms the foundation of any online business, and even in Indian affiliate programs, you need to come up with that of your own if you intend to run this business well and make it a success.

If you do not have a website yet, you can contract someone to come up with one for you, or better still, you can learn how to create one for yourself.

There are so many ways and tutorials that you can use to come with a website of your own if you do not have any. The bottom line is that you need to make sure that you have a website if you intend to make this endeavor a success. 

3. Sign in For the Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Affiliate Program 

Once you have your website well created, you can now move ahead and sign up for the affiliate program. If you are considering the amazon of Flipkart options, then one of the things you need to base these considerations on should be the kind of commissions you stand to get in the end. 

The best option to go for is to offer you the best and highest commissions at the end of the day. However, if both of these options have the same commissions, then working with amazon will be the best choice for you in this case. Many of the affiliate marketers in India are said to have made more money on Amazon than Flipkart. 

During the registration process, Amazon will ask you to enter the website address and other details. Even if you have no content on your site yet, tell amazon how you intend to promote products on your site, and they will approve it.

4. Select the Items You Are Going to Promote

Select the Items to Promote

If you already know the product, you will promote, go ahead, and search for the product name in the affiliate marketing companies’ search box. If you do not have an idea yet, it is right for you to amazon and looks for those selling well.

Just in case you cannot tell how to do this, go to the amazon bestsellers page, then select the category from the left side. From here, you will see a list of those top-selling products in that category, then pick that product which you like that has the most positive sales. 

When you get that product with the best sales, it will be much easier for you to get people to like and buying it instead of promoting an unknown product on top affiliate programs in India.

Even though you might be able to make sales and unknown products, it might not be easy for you to do this compared to promoting those known products.

5. Write Content About the Product

Write Content About the Product

Based on your selected product, choose the kind of content you intend to write. We have so many different content types that you can write about, as we will see below. 

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Types of Content You Can Write about

“How to “articles and tutorials: If you are looking for the best way that you can use to add value to your readers, then this is it. It is also a way that you can use to generate sales much more easily if you do this in the right way. For instance, you can write about “how to get rid of pimples,” talking about the best products that can work well for you to make this process a success. 

Review articles: In this segment, you can talk about those products that you have tried out personally yourself and help your readers or the audience to decide whether to buy them or not. 

Comparison articles: In this case or writing, you can compare two or more similar products and help the readers decide which ones are the best. For instance, you can compare Samsung s6 and iPhone 6s and see which ones of these products are the best. 

Other than these two, you can also compare other products with the view and intention of giving your readers some insights into the kind of products the two are and helping them make an informed decision. 

Content curation: In this case, you collect and also make useful lists of products that come in with great help to others. 

Offer or discount articles: This is where you share the best deals and coupons, and codes of those products related to your topic. 

Listed above are some of the content you can post to promote an affiliate link on India’s affiliate marketing websites. What you need to try and do in all the cases is try and make sure that your readers benefit from your site.

How to Add Your Affiliate Link?

Adding your affiliate link is not that complicated. Once you are signed in to the amazon associates, you will be able to see a grey bar located at the top of all your product pages. To find your affiliate link or a product, click “link to this page, “then right-click in the preview area and then copy the link address. 

Once you have done all this, move on to click on the buy button in your article and then click edit. Select the right link to the custom URL and then paste the link. Once you do this check, you can“open the link in a new tab, “then click update and publish the article. 

How to Check Your Earnings?

There are so many ways that you can use to check your amazon associate earnings. One of these ways is by checking the amazon associate page. Any time someone buys something using your affiliate link that will show up on your earning report page. 

If you work very well as many people do, then we have the best chance that you will be able to make so much out of it in the end. As said above, if you have to do affiliate marketing, then amazon is the best company that you can work for if you are in India. 

Types Of Affiliate Marketing

Types Of Affiliate Marketing

There is so many affiliate marketing typesIndia’s affiliate website out there in India and other places. However, even though we have many affiliate marketers, we have some more famous than others. Here we look at some of the best and most famous affiliate marketers in India.

Webmasters or site owners, SEO or PPC affiliates, content sites, among many others. These are but some of the famous affiliate marketers we have around. 


If you find a way of implementing the best practices in India’s affiliate marketing companies, you will create a decent income for yourself.

Like the case with other businesses that we have around, affiliate marketing calls for motivation and hard work.

The first thing you need to do in this case is to make sure that you get the best understanding of your audience by identifying the kind of product they are best interested in.

Once you have narrowed down to these factors in India, make sure you develop that affiliate program that offers you the best returns.

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